Saturday, March 9, 2013

They did it for love.......!!!!

It was a wow experience at WORD UP Volume 3 when the number one Spoken Word Poet in Nigeria, Efe Paul Azino, got on stage with his lovely wife, Osasu, to perform poetry. 
The Spoken Word piece was about love and was so apt for WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang.
The couple were a major highlight of the event and got the audience up on their feet all excited.
You need to WATCH THE VIDEO to understand and appreciate all I'm trying to say because words are inadequate.

Efe Paul and Osasu Azino on stage doing a Spoken Word Poetry piece  about "Love"  at WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang which held on February 16, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. WORD UP is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event  in Nigeria. It features A-list Spoken Word Poets on the same stage.

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