Thursday, March 21, 2013


Not for their sin; not for my sin
then for whose sin?
Maybe not for sin.

Cries, tears and wails
Amidst the agony, anguish and pain
Cut through the air of smoke and settling dust

Orphaned children,
Sudden childless parents
Broken limbs…shattered dreams

They go by the name boko Haram
Their goal remain to create more harm
But why ?
Their reason remain confusing.

They have unleashed their terrors
My people now live in horror
Life suddenly has lost taste
Justice seems to have lost the case.

Shall we go on like this?
Shall thing continue to be like this?
No, stand with me my brothers and sisters
For we need to work together

Write if you will,
talk if you can
But just do something
And lets together,
put an end, to these orgies of violence.
We can no longer engage in the violence of silence.

by Lion Kisser

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