Monday, March 18, 2013

The kinetic energy of your swinging hips............!!!!

Do you still remember your teacher?
Did you ever have a crush on your teacher?
Did you ever write a letter to your teacher about your crush?
Did it just end as a crush or it went more than that?
Did you enjoy it?
Did you tell anyone about it?
Did you believe it would last forever?
Could you have married your teacher?
Well, let's hear Soonest I Nathaniel tell us about his letter to his Aunty :).

Soonest I Nathaniel (SIN) doing a Spoken Word Poetry piece  titled, "Letter to my Aunty,"  at WORD UP Volume 3 aka Da Love Thang which held on February 16, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. 
WORD UP is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event  in Nigeria. It features A-list Spoken Word Poets on the same stage.

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