Sunday, March 3, 2013

Broda yi jor.....(The danger of unprotected sex.")!!!

Olulu, (the King not from Zulu), at WORD UP Volume 3, doing a Spoken Word Piece on "The danger of unprotected sex." Find below some lines of the poem.

She was the finest girl in town,
had a body that made the guys lose their frown.
She had wonderful pair of milk shakes, 
which made guys stare, concentrate and appreciate.
She had a well rounded behind,
which puts guys minds in a bind.
Being single
she was ever ready to mingle,
and guys came knocking
word on the street said she was ever willing.

WATCH THE VIDEO...........!!!!! :)


  1. Olulu give us the remaining lines nau...which kind suspense be this? Nice one tho.

  2. Broda yii joor @Olulu give us the remaining lines one tho!

    1. lol, thanks. But watch the video and get the remaining lines to the spoken word piece.

  3. you wan burst her head! boda yi joor ooo!!