Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All the way from Boston, USA, Erica Licht will be live on stage at WORD UP Volume 2..!!!

Erica Licht

Erica Licht is a spoken word artist,  jewlery designer (, and Fulbright Scholar from Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria. 

She holds a passion for the creative arts and utilizing them to empower youth, through her work as a youth coordinator and criminal justice advocate. She has been writing poetry for over 8 years and starting performing while living in Kingston, Jamaica in 2010. As a tool to connect with people, poetry has provided Licht with a meaningful platform for her to engage with the various places she has lived and explored.

Licht's research ( focuses on bridging together the fields of youth development, criminal justice reform and environmental advocacy. In Lagos, she works to bring youth into nature, while using poetry as a tool for self empowerment, healing and relaxation.

Inspiration for Licht's poetry draws from personal experiences and environmental aesthetics. Her work employs imagery and metaphor to connect with the listener and engage with sensory memory. You can sample her work on her Soundcloud page ( or by watching a past performance from Kingston, Jamaica ( 

(In her own words) She is excited to take part in Word Up and join a fabulous array of artists for the event.

Erica Licht performing at The Poetry Society of Jamaica's April 26, 2011 Fellowship


Volume 2

holds on the

17th of November 2012 

Lecture Theatre, UNILAG Guest House, Akoka, Lagos