Sunday, December 9, 2012

What do you wear ( a Spoken Word Piece by Donna K) #WordUpVol2

She is fine, 
she is hot, 
she is good, 
she has got swag
she rocked the stage 
WORD UP Volume 2.
Her name? 
Just call her, Donna K.
She is a poetic diva, who at every chance, 
kisses words and make them dance.

Donna K doing a Spoken Word piece titled, What do you wear?
at WORD UP Volume 2


  1. Donna you piece was and is mean, tight and very well put together.

  2. Donna please is there anyway I can get a copy of your poem "what do you wear?"....or a video of you performing?????please...i'm desperate...thanks a lot.

    1. The DVD of WORD UP Volume 2 (featuring Donna K and a host of other poets) is now selling at Terra Culuture, Tiamiyu Savage Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
      You can also buy the DVD at the gate during the forthcoming WORD UP Volume 3 on February 16, 2013 in, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria. But do come early, limited copies are available.