Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spoken Word Poets & Soul Singers that rocked #WordUpVol2 November 17, 2012

Oyinkansola wowing us with her sonorous voice

The hottest poets in Naija, from left to right: Ivori, Efe Paul, Holyblaze, Donna K and Torpedo

Ivori - the African Poet, making our "minds go loco."

Bob Ekat, the energetic poet 

The U.K based Spoken Word Poet, Princeps


D Tone Martins the ever wonderful soul singer

Plumbline with his ever witty punchline
 - I'm not supposed to say this, but  I know how Richard Branson lost his virginity 

Torpedo Mascaw, best freestyle poet in Naija

Efe Paul  Azino - one of Naija's foremost Spoken Word Poet

Ndukwe Onuoha,
"you see, change may come somehow, or change may come someway,
or change may come someday, but that day,
is not Today!!!"

Lumynos, the fast rising soul singer, he got skills...!!!

Chinelo Renee, da diva and da poet

Soonest I Nathaniel, doing a poem titled, these children

Nini Efem, the designer and the poet
on the red carpet

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