Monday, November 19, 2012

Snippets from WORD UP Volume 2................!!!!!

In the beginning

Ivori on stage thrilling the people

Our poet all the way from America, Erica Licht, displaying her poetic prowess             
Our Emcees, Don Fabrino and Duvy


From: Akintola Idris Salami [] 
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 10:50 AM
To: Olulu
Subject: WORD UP

King Olulu,

Well done. Word up was fantabulous. The little kid called increase has actually increased my interest in spoken word poetry. Never been to an event so rich in talent before. Torpedo was absolutely amazing and I like the fact that he didn't use a microphone, it shows that he's a natural on stage. "What do you wear" was stunning. I don't know what the name of the lady that delivered it is called but damn, she was good. I have the voice of Oyinkansola stuck in my head. Blessed is he who end up with her because to listen to that voice every morning will be heaven. Also, the lady that performed with Oyinkan is a great story teller and performer. The duo took me to a new level. I just have a few requests, Can I book 3 tickets in advance for the next show since we'll now have to pay (It's definitely worth paying for). Secondly, Can I order for the DVD in advance too, again 3 copies. Thirdly, Is it possible that we have all the poems performed on the word up website. And finally, could you keep me updated on spoken word events around Lagos especially if Oyinkansola and the rest of the people that left me in awe will be present.

Grey Project couldn't be part of this one but I'll sell Word up to her the next time I see her. It's definitely a project I think she'll like to be part of.

Have a great week and thanks for taking us all on a journey into WORDS.


Akintola Idris Salami,
Equity Analyst, Financial Derivatives Company
t: (+234) 8104242871

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