Sunday, September 23, 2012

THE EAGLE’S EYE ( a Spoken Word Poem)


I see placards everywhere, in the first week of the year
I see them on the street
Walking in the sun on bare feet.
I see them in the market place
Whispering to the neighbor selling lace.
I see them on their mama’s back
Strapped with a wrapper around her chest
I see them with tie on their necks
Rushing to sit on their busy desks
Trying to give it their best
Yet their mind is never at rest.
I see them in their place of worship
Making their Priest and Imam their Lordship
I see them profuse and confused
Their attention hijacked and diffused.
I see them peeping through their little windows
Women afraid another bomb blast can make them widows.
I see tears in their eyes, falling like rain drops from the sky
I see Babylonian in Zion, striking hot the cold iron
Tearing down flesh like a hungry lion
Actualizing their evil plans of eon
I see fear on people’s faces
Scared to go to rowdy places
I see them walk home in pace
Cus the authority has since abandoned their case.
As the evil try to open up can of worms
The government thinks it’s just a storm in a tea cup
But the people are terrified by war songs
Singing yet biting their sour tongues.

I see their leaders as the highest bidder.
The so called senators are nothing but a bunch of predators
I see them in the lower chamber
Throwing words at each other with hot temper
Assembled in the ad hoc house,
Just to taste the cheese like Mickey Mouse
They are making policies for us to see
But their minds are corrupt, waiting to launder money over seas
Not the EFCC or ICPC can stop them
Cus they are agencies too blind to see them.
We are being given concoction for abortion
Investigation is their language in ugly situations
What else could it be but corruption
They are all crooks; even the few with integrity are disappointing
Don’t ask how, just ask Farouk.

I heard him say he has no shoes.
Shoes are not working tools, so tell him we are no fools.
I wish to put it all in my gazette,
But he has since refused to declare his assets
Acting funny, showing off his flat and ugly biceps
Eating cassava bread with no license.
He shed crocodile tears when humans are sacrificed
I don’t know what to say, but his tears are insignificant
The last time I heard, two birds dropped from the sky
The first ran into a moving van leaving some dead in Ghana
The second fell in our neighborhood, her name was Dana
Leaving cloud of dust and thick smoke in the air
Dead bodies are found lying everywhere.
In the north, everyday homes are destroyed
To the grave, great destinies are deployed.
All this I see through the eye of an Eagle
We need to redeem the days cus it’s full of evil.
I see Babylonian in Zion,
Tearing down flesh like a hungry lion
I see hustling & bustling in fear
In see a government that doesn’t care
They are serving us concoction for abortion
Corruption has eaten deep into our dear Nation
Give us light, good roads and water,
The youths need jobs, tired of eating bread and butter.
We need security, let the killing stop
Tell it loud; tell it to the man on top.

by YommyBishop………

This poem is written as a Reflection of the state of our Nation.
My heart goes out to families and friends of those that died in the struggle, in the bomb blasts, and the bomb blast victims and those that lost their lives in the Dana plane crash of 3rd June 2012. God will give them fortitude to bear the loss and May the Soul of the Dead Rest in Peace. These barbaric human sacrifice must stop, lets ask for mercy on our knees because God is all we need. 


  1. All I see is a wingless eagle with no talons, can't fight nor take flight, can't hunt nor feed its young!
    Useless and wasteful
    Lazy and weak

    Nice poem

  2. All I see is a wingless eagle with no talons, can't fight nor take flight, can't hunt nor feed its young!
    Useless and wasteful
    Lazy and weak

    Nice poem