Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Don't hate me cos I am poet (a Spoken Word Poem)

Don't hate me cos I am poet,
cos its one of the oldest profession on earth, after all,
it is written, "in the beginning was the word,
and the word was wih God, and the word was God."
So I can use my words like a sword,
sometimes I can hit out with it like an iron rod,
or use it to soothe and caress your soul,
and make u feel whole.

Don't hate me cos I am a poet,
For you might believe I am merely wasting my time,
but have you not read that, "a man's gift will create room for him and bring him before great men."
Did you not hear that, "a man diligent in his works will stand before Kings and not before ordinary people."
Though I do not mean to call you ordinary people,
but its a priviledge for you to read and see me perform for free;
what kings, Queens and all forms of Royalty pay me a huge fee.

Don't hate me cos I am a poet,
For this is the best way for me to express myself,
after all, the shortest  verse in the bible, John 11:35 said "Jesus wept."
This shows there is no shame in crying for a loved one who died.
So be not alarmed if you see me on stage with tears in my eyes,
I am merely expressing myself,
and I feel no shame for my tears.

Don't hate me cos I am a poet
For I use this means to talk about my Nation,
whose face is being perpetually rubbed in the semen of bribery and corruption.
Cos our leaders  continue to loot the treasury,
rape our sense of morality,
defy our cries for sanity
and make being honest and accountable equal to insanity.

Don't hate me cos I am a poet
For I can thrill your hearts with words,
words that strike your heart cords.
I can use words to do intellectual love making,
with no heart breaking,
no tears falling,
and no orgasm faking.
Just words that satisfy your heart cravings,
yet keep your body always wanting.

So, don't hate me cos I am a poet, cos it is what God has destined me to be,
and if you hate me, you hate God.

by Olulu, the King not from Zulu

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