Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I love to see things change
But I hate to take steps toward change
Then, I recall the words of Isaac Newton “All objects remain in a state of rest/motion until a force is applied”
But who will apply the necessary force
To create my desired change
While I maintain total supremacy over my domain
Fear will not let me give in to external intervention or intrusion
Fear that my secrets will be unfolded
Fear that my weaknesses be discovered
Fear that I might be an unpronounced fugitive
Fear that my sacred domain be conquered
And another take my throne
Fear of the unknown
Oh! How fear has cunningly taken over
The rulership of my own life from me
Oh! That I could once again be in control
That I could once again make sand castles
But this time castles that could house men
That I could once again run with the wind
And soar like the eagle
My greatest enemy to change resides within me
And it is my own fear
As the yorubas’ will say
“The weevils that destroy the beanstalk live within the beanstalk”
The fear I procured with my hard-earned resources
The fear I dedicated so much time to nurture
But, this day I rebel against this siege
By an army that once I paid taxes to
And helped grow her empire in my heart
Today, I rebel against this subtle tyrant called fear
I refuse to be held under willingly again
I refuse to corporate with this virus called fear
That does more harm than the dreaded HIV
I will build castles in the air and
Watch God put pillars under them
I will dream the impossible and do the unimaginable
I will be what the world says I cannot
I will dream like Joseph and
One day control Pharoah’s empire
It does not hurt to dream neither does it to try
I will dream without limits
And attempt beyond my arms length
Perhaps, God will see a young man that needs aid
Fear, I will subdue and conquer
Through repeated trials
Fear, I will rule over and
Help other men gain control of their own domains once again
And then we will reign as Kings and Priests
That our creator ordained us to be

Tobi Ajibawo


  1. I will build castles in the air and watch God put pillars under them ....WOW!

  2. A man greatest enemy is himself. However the poets greatest enemy is fear; fear of the unknown, fear of exploiting his potentials and discovering himself in life, fear of dreaming beyond the seas and aspiring for the impossible.