Saturday, September 15, 2012

BABA GOD.....!!!!!!

Baba God dey always ginger my swagger,
and He no dey ever play me for maga.
Anytime I enter danger,
He send His angels with flaming daggers,
and all enemies scamper and take cover.

Baba God is a faithful loving father,
my very own strong tower,
that always keep me in His radar,
and ever willing to bless, pamper and prosper.

Baba God no dey quick to vex,
even when I insist say wetin I want I must get,
and if after I get am finish I fall into mess.
I go just approach am to repent
and show say I truly regret.
Baba God go draw me to His chest,
dry my tears,
and forgive and forget.

Baba God dey always fill my life with sweet sensation,
by giving me His undivided attention,
and directing me to fulfil His purpose and intention. 
Baba God dey always ensure I dey in His divine protection,
and He dey shower me with favour, success and promotion. 

Baba God just dey rock my world,
well, after all,
the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof,
the world and the people therein.
Baba God, carry go jor, na U biko, no shaking!!!

by Olulu

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