Friday, September 21, 2012

I will be okay ...........!!!!

I heard that you've found a girl 
that you re married now 
that you've settled down 
and all your dream came true. 
Old friend, I liked you a whole alot 
but it turns out 
that you found life where I am not. 
All that is left of us 
are the memories made from our glory day. 
I had hoped you remember my face and be reminded of me 
or should i say its over? 
Now sorry is all you can say 
but never mind I will find someone not you. 
Though I wish nothing but d best for you 
but do forget me, I beg 
for it will only hurt me if you don't. 

I remember when there was no-one you wanted more 
you held me tight so you dont let go 
clinging unto me like your life-support 
and wishing we could have our own world. 
You were the one who loved me more 
over looking all my flaws 
and catching me before a fall. 
No matter the distance between us 
our love was instanteous 
and not bothered about how far it could take us.

But I should have known how bitter-sweet this would taste 
For now I sit back nd watch this moments pass by 
like watching a video without the sound.
Too bad for we could have taken what we had 
and turned it around. 
Though I feel that this love can be saved 
yet i cannot question this change 
Oh how hurting it feels to make things clear but i know when to face the truth and 
I know that the moment is here 
For after all said and done, I beg to take a bow. 

by Da Poetick Rhema 


  1. Awwwwww always wanted to know the lyrics of that song. Nice one