Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#WarOfWords2 Word on a Mission by ThinkingPen

Some people don't limit themselves to just serving for serving sake.
They also "service words" so deep, 
you appreciate the depth the words make you leap.
Someone once said, "words are the tools that separates us from fools."
Hmm, need I say more? 

Word on a Mission 



This poem is titled "WORD ON A MISSION"
So if you have a neighbour tap him and say
"Please no distraction"

Musical volumes always have control
And I tell you, a Russian made bomb
Was designed to blow

The body without the spirit 
Would just be a walking corpse
And there is a reason why
Sentences have full-stop

There is a reason
Pencils do have erasers
Now what I mean it
Learn to hate the sin
But love the sinner

If you don't know!
If you scratch the way it itches you
Your skin will be torn
And it's every problem that is solve
With a Gun 

The Mathematics of War
Gibson says has always been subtraction
Now my sermon is
"Never be a catalyst to a fatal reaction"

I realized that pointing accusing fingers
Never really does a thing
Because the reality is 
4 points back at you 
Accusing you of the same thing.

So now the question is WHO?
Who do we blame?
Who really ever goes to a grocery store
And buys shame.

But the truth is
Darkness is the core of the human heart
And getting light in there
Is like making a rat king 
In the kingdom of cats
It's suicidal

My mentor says
All the religion in the world agrees
That something is wrong with us
And like bedridden patients,
I say we all need a nurse

Because violence will be confined 
To the dictionary as a noun 
If we don't commit the crimes
And next time Hate calls
Tell love to go pick up the line

One never knows it all
And if you really wanna see change
Go look in the mirror on the wall

For the man you see in it
Carries it, like a pregnant mother
And the world is waiting for you 
To Deliver.

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  2. I like this one, Like the imagery and intelligence of some of the individual punchlines/thots, but as a whole poem I'm not getting the big picture message he's trying to convey. Still, good good effort.