Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#WarOfWords2- Prepared For War by Prestige d WordSmith

This is the first entry for War Of Words Season 2. 
The poet in question entered for the Season 1 but he did not make the last 15 finalist.
Now he is back, 
and back with vengeance.
He does not look like he will be taking prisoners, 
cos now, 
he said we should be prepared for war.

Title of Poem: Prepared for War

Poet: Prestige d WordSmith

How can a man born 2000 years ago prepare for war without swords and spears?
How can a man born in our time prepare for war without guns and grenades?
How can a house-wife prepare for war without mortar and pestle?
How can a baby in the womb prepare for war without kicking and boxing?
And then I ask again,
How can a man prepare for war of words without the tongue and the brain?
Cos the tongue without the brain produces words that are meaningless 

and the brain without the tongue produces words that are voiceless. 
War of Words!
Animosity, brutality in World War 2
But I'll bring philosophy, reality in War of words 2
And if you say that I am powerless, 
I will take that as jocular
Cos I know that I am spectacular
"Practise what you preach", 

this saying is popular—but how come most of our leaders defile the same rules they set out to guide us and unite us.
And if I keep on complaining, 

I will end up exclaiming 
so I decided to battle in this war to be the change that I seek.
Seek and you shall find me in this war. 


Check out the video via the link below


  1. "Praaaah!!" ????? This guy no dey joke oh! Lol. Objectively speaking, there's no profound thought in this poem. The poet is too focused on the fact that he's ready for War of Words. The direction and some of his opening thoughts don't make sense. Why would a baby in the womb prepare for war??? Those are just random words tied in by the spiderweb thread of the theme "War of Words" and dont really do anything for his imagery or message. Poetry is supposed to inspire thought. Personally not feeling this, but kudos to the guy for the effort.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. And that's the commencement of the war I am talking about. The war to enlighten the ill-minded; to make wise the dullards; to make the truth universally known.
      Hi Obi, Please go and give my piece to true poets to analyze and they will bring you to light. And when you get more enlightened, you will come back here and read my poem again and when you do, you will fall in love with it but unfortunately, you will never be able to seduce it. But if you feel you know poetry, write yours and upload. Don't act like a baby in the womb who won't kick or box, cos you may not survive in this war. hehehehehe!
      Welcome to my ring!
      Gbagan gbagan!
      Let the true Judges speak. Don't make yourself a judge, dude. Just take a dodge.