Saturday, September 21, 2013


by Chiemezie Ibe 

The sky is wide enough for all birds to fly,

And so is the water for all fish to swim.

Never give up on your dream, don't be afraid to try.

Stay focused someday you'll live your dream.

The road to success is long, rough & narrow,

Patience is like a path you must choose to follow

One step at a time live today before tomorrow,

Fast lane in no time will end you up in the gallows

Life is like a game, to win you must play by the rule,

and being yourself always is your greatest tool.

Never let the world tell you who you are,

Remember no matter what that you are a star.

Why settle for less when you can be the best?

Till you get to the top may you never find rest.

Just before you  quit remember Abraham Lincoln,

Fight on,

What matters in the end is that you  won.

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