Saturday, September 21, 2013


Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom

Dust kissed the sole of my feet 

as I trod upon the ground valiantly 
A herculean task was set before me 
I peered into my heart 
and courage was visible 
I peeked at a mirror 
and I saw a fidgeting image 
Whose image was it? 

I battled in a bottle
Filled with mixture of fear and courage
I had to sieve
Or subdue one for the other
But every attempt to implement
the element of decisiveness
Left me sitting on a fence.

The battle called unto me
When I refused to confront
It drew nigh
Barking like a dog
Afflicted with insanity
I was humming
Yes I was
Tension at attention
But fear thrown in detention.

Courage assaulted fear within me
I pulled away from despair
I repaired the damaged faith
by damaging self-pity
Joy was ignited
when worries were switched off
My soul freed
My body freed
I had won the greatest battle
I won myself to be myself.

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