Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last man standing...!!!

I am the last man standing,
If everyone is falling
And standards are failing,
For me there won’t be any compromisjg,
To do what’s right I won’t be hesitating,
Will keep my light shining,
No more slacking, dulling or hating.
I am the last man standing,
Life can be demanding
my values I won’t be undermining
Truth and justice I will be upholding.
Cos in God I am believing
Since people can be be deceiving
I am the Last man standing,
Got things I’m targeting,
Everyday I’m hustling
Surviving and thriving,
No room to be complaining,
Cos the top is where I am going.
Join me if you ready and willing
So together we will keep standing.

by Olulu

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