Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I got up early one morning
And tried to worship God like I usually would do
I attempted to pray, but couldn’t get the words out
So I thought to sing – that always worked, but not that day

I was grateful to be alive, but didn’t know how to tell the ONE who made that possible
I was thankful to be saved, but couldn’t quite find the words to convey this
And then I turned, looked at  my husband and smiled
In quick succession, I recalled how I birthed my children and then I sighed
Almost like in a cinema, I watched how my life had been – my past flashed before me; scene after scene

I remembered my moments of shame, of guilt and how sad I once was
But then, a victorious chant of “halleluyah” filled my thoughts
And then I realized that it is a lot easier to worry over what had been lost; what could have been
Than it is to be glad for what you have left; what can still be achieved
He put a song on my lips that day – a melody in my heart:

Only believe
Just believe
Yes believe
That everything will be alright
Only believe
Just believe
You’ve gotta believe
There is hope for your soul.


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