Friday, January 11, 2013

Paradox Of A Poet by Afroxyz.

You don't need a voice
to be heard.

Or an ear to hear
the still small voice.

Your vision is not
an offspring of your eyes
Or your path,
the reward of having legs.

The taste of defeat,
does not perch on the tongue
Or the smell of money
yield to the nose.

You may be so poor,
That all you have is money.
Yet you are free,
But caged by society.

The gate to salvation,
Is not opened by religion.
Just as facial beauty
Should not be taken at face value.

The devil would never meet you,
Dressed in black overalls.
He is afterall,
An angel of light.

Truth is sometimes protected,
With a bodyguard of lies.
The dance of the water spirits,
Is not an invitation to party.

The ocean cannot quench
The thirst of the soul,
Even the appetite of a glutton,
Cannot match the lust for a woman.

The nakedness of beauty,
Is veiled with clothes.
So is the nakedness,
Of evil.

The deepest wounds,
Shed no blood.
And orange juice,
Is not Agbala's libation

by Afroxyz:


  1. Very nice. I like!

  2. This is the best I've read in a very longtime. On point braa