Friday, January 11, 2013

Are you a princess? For your skin is so flawless.... (Spoken Word Piece by Olulu)

Are you a princess?
For your skin is so flawless
Is your name Natasha?
Like the princess I met in Kinshasa.
Can I call you Patricia?
Or you preferred to be called Felicia?
You are as sexy as Rihanna,
and so lovely like Princess Diana.
You have such wonderful, wonderful boobs,
Boobs that makes me go "oops."
You have a well rounded Bakassi,
makes me high like Bacardi 

You are exciting,
and interesting.

I know this might sound too soon,
But would you be my boo?
Be my lover and my friend,
and I swear  our love would know no end.
For as long as you are loyal,
I will treat you royal.

Let’s go to the hotel Casablanca,
and sip on Tequila
You will show me the Salsa,
And i will teach you the Makossa,
on the beach of Mombassa.
We will dance nakedly naked,
Till we are tiredly tired.
And all night long,
We would create our own love song.

the King not from Zulu

Olulu on stage at Taruwa, Bogobiri House, April 12, 2011.


  1. Reads like a bad rap!

  2. Truly the words of a "resigned player", 'Olulu not from Zulu' pretty hot! love the rhyme and the flow,thumbs up!