Saturday, January 26, 2013

MY ORDEAL by Pauldesimple

My rehearsal before the mirror
Was concluded without an error
My lines were intact 
And my stage movements perfect
I was prepared to dazzle my audience
With a beautiful performance

At first, I was in charge
Taking my audience on a voyage
Into my world of rhymes
And mimes
And the look on every face
Shows that we were on the same phase

Then suddenly I missed a last word
A miss I could not afford

I saw my world falling
Even with the conditioner on, 
I was sweating
Going forward became impossible
Moving backward wasn't available
I was in the middle of nowhere
So I stopped there

Yet with this commotion
I received a standing ovation
But I went home infuriated
And defeated

by Pauldesimple


  1. Hmmm
    This things happen somethings,but we just need to wipe away the shame and move on with life

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