Saturday, January 26, 2013

LETTER TO MY BELOVED by Pauldesimple

Dear beloved
I'm sorry to inform you that I had resolved
And arrived at the conclusion
To stop our distant communication
And put an end to our beautiful relationship
And glowing friendship

For I'm becoming insane
And can no longer bear the pain
Of traveling to your place
Before I see your face

Furthermore I'm tired of writing
And endlessly waiting
For days
Before hearing from you always
For whenever I pick my handset
To call your gadget
It's either switched off
Since power in you area is always off
Or out of service
The usual from our telecommunication companies

So I decide to do this
That we might have peace

Finally I'm coming to see your mother
And ask your father
For your hand in marriage
Because our love has come of age
And I can't give away
Whatever the pay
Thereby saying goodbye to a relationship
And welcoming companionship

But before I end this letter
I have a question that needs an urgent answer 
Will you marry me?

Your truly
And faithfully

by Pauldesimple

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