Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Naija babes that kiss words and make them dance #WordUpVol2

We normally say what a man can do, a woman can do it better.
Personally, if a man has done it, there won't be anything left for the woman to do :). 
But on a more serious note, 
when it comes to Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria, 
some ladies have made the stage their domain.
Anytime and anywhere,
all they need is just one chance,
and they will kiss words and make them dance.

Check out Atilola featuring Oyinkansola in the first clip, 

Obii (Naija Poetry Slam 2012 winner) in the second clip. 

They will blow your mind.

Spoken Word Poetry by Atilola and Oyinkansola at Word Up Volume 2, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Spoken Word Poetry by Obi at Word Up Volume 2, Lagos, Nigeria.

Word Up is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria. 
It features the best of the poets across the globe all on one stage.

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