Thursday, December 6, 2012

Branding and Sponsorship opportunities for 2013 with WORD UP (the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria, West Africa).

We would like to introduce i2X Media Company Limited, the organizers of WORD UP -the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria.
As a major promoter of Performance Poetry and Spoken Word activities in West Africa, we are passionate about the Art as a genre of entertainment, a tool to increase literacy level, and  a means of communication among people across the globe.
This year, we have worked to establish Performance Poetry and Spoken Word as an industry to reckon with.
Our dream is to promote poets so we can create a means of employment where they can earn a decent living from their amazing performances.
We are certain that a  Spoken Word Poetry industry will help reduce unemployment in the Country as awareness and sponsorship of the Art form increases.


Every quarter, poets gather from across the globe at our quarterly organized show – WORD UP.
We have  held two editions of WORD UP in UNILAG, Akoka, Lagos.
The first edition was supported by Charvet Nig. Ltd (major marketer of Power Horse energy drink and Kiss Mix) with about 150 people in attendance.
At the second edition, we had over 200 people and the event was powered by First Bank Nigeria Plc. 


In 2013,  we will hold  6 shows on a bi-monthly basis starting from February 2013. The 6 shows will be categorized into 2 broad types:
a.      WORD UP (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event)
b.      WORD UP Slam Poetry Competition.
Word Up (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event) is a show that features the best Spoken Word Poets in Nigeria all on one stage.
It is a major platform for poets across the globe. Previous editions saw poets from Namibia, England and America grace the stage.
We also feature celebrities who come on stage to read, recite and/or perform poems.
Word Up Slam Poetry Competition is targeted at discovering, nurturing and developing new poetic talents in Nigeria. It will involve the submission of videos by poets (who have never featured in any Word Up event) to a selected panel of judges. The best 10 videos will be selected and on the day of the event proper the poets will compete with each other on one stage for stated cash prizes. The best three poets will automatically feature at the next Word Up (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event).


We request that you partner with us through sponsorship to showcase your products and services and portray a brand as one with a passion for development of the art and the average individual.


·  Branding Opportunity
·  Media Exposure
·  Product/ Services Experience
·  Speaking Opportunity
·  Database Acquisition
We have a site -, where pictures, videos and information about our events and the organization can be accessed.
We also have video coverage of all our events which is available on request.

You can also check our YOUTUBE channel,, for video clips of some of our events.
You should see what the average Nigerian is able to do with a microphone and an audience. It’s pretty inspiring.


The next edition of our event, WORD UP (Spoken Word Poetry Event) will hold in February 2013 while Word Up Slam Poetry Competition will start from April 2013.

We would appreciate if your esteemed organization can grant us an opportunity to further discuss how your branding and sponsorship of our vision can bring a fruitful experience that will be mutually beneficial to us all. 
Performance Poetry and Spoken Word Event is the next tidal wave that will sweep through Africa.

The good part is it captures all genres of people, the young, the old and the high network ones and creates job opportunities for our youths
Do not miss the opportunity to ride on the waves.
Thank you for your time.

Kind regards.
Olumide Holloway
CEO, i2X Media Company Limited


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