Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Imagine you were MARY....lol!!!

Sometimes I think of what Mary went through being the mother of Christ. I realize that I could never quite grasp it.

Just imagine Mary walking to pick her 8 year old son from the safe place in the forest she left him to go gather woods for fire then she hears a loud terrifying roar. As a mother she instinctively moves towards where her son ought to be and discovers he isn't there. Frantic she starts to look for him. Then she hears a giggle followed by a roar, "o my God! That thing is near my son!!"  She starts to run towards the sounds regardless of the danger she is putting herself in. 

Oh, did I mention she is pregnant! Yes, she is 5 &1/2 months! So what you are imagining is a pregnant mother running to snatch her son out of harm's way while trying to be careful so as not to endanger the life within. Awkward running style I guess.

Then as she moves closer to the area she believes the sounds are coming from she hears, "o stop jor! I'm tired of playing"

Her mind races, "Mo da ran! No be my son voice be that? Playing with who? Can't they hear the fearsome sound of that animal? Omo yi o ni pa mi!" 

Then she comes to the clearing and comes to a total stop with shock on her face. She sees her son playing with not 1 but 2 tigers. Not just playing, he is scolding them for not letting him rest. His hands is right in the face of 1 while the other has it's head under Christ's 2nd hand as though begging for a pat. 

"Jesus!! Come here now! Leave them alone. No don't run, walk." 

The tigers start to growl at Mary. Then Christ says, "will u stop that this instance. That is my mother." 

The animals are contrite and move back.

Then Mary turns to Christ and says "I know you created them but please remember I am your mother and I'm human. I love you and would try to keep u safe even though I know in our case u are the 1 protecting me. But Jesus I take your name beg you no use worry and fear kill me. How many times will I tell you, you can play with other animals but not WILD ANIMALS!!! Jor ma pa mi! Ha!" 

Just imagine if you were Mary, would you tell Joseph?
What will you even say? I met our son playing with Tigers.

by Dupe Holloway

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