Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friend...!!!! (A Spoken Word Poetry Piece)

"I always prefer male friends to female, they don't gossip" , she said, "and well, they are just my friends", she added. Now my best friend is all broken hearted,
and I'm getting drunk on his behalf,

She says, "they are just my friends".
I saw her with a guy,
they were too close for comfort,
I told my friend,
"well, you know, she is very friendly", he said.

She says, "they are just my friends".
I heard she went visiting the baddest player in da hood.
She went in the morning, came out at night.
My friend asked her about it,
she said, "we were just watching movies" .
All day???

She says, "they are just my friends".
I saw her in the nite club,dancing freely and wildly,
but none of the guys was my friend.
At 3am, she got into one of the guys' car,
well, I guess I can assume he dropped her at home at that time, right???

She says, "they are just my friends".
Now she is pregnant, and doesn't know who is the baby's father.
Is it my friend's?
Nope, they had never had sex
cos she had said, she "is" a virgin.
Pregnant virgin, thats a miracle!!!
Reminds of somebody in the bible.

Well, what can I say?
Too bad she didn't make me too a "friend",
that's why am drunk,
I was not her " friend".

by Olulu


  1. You are one creatively twisted dude!loving it man!!

  2. Creatively crafted. It's one hell of a brilliant piece. A solid thumbs up on this one.

  3. Good one. Double dealing girls. Gawd!!! I just can't stand em. She f..ks one guy's brains out and tells another she's a virgin. Babes like that should reside in psychiatric wards.