Monday, October 15, 2012

IN MY TRACKS (a Spoken Word Piece)

When I was a boy
I often looked up to mama
‘Tell me what I’d become when I grow up.’
But mama never understood my plight
She called me a lawyer or an engineer
At other times she called me a soldier
Maybe for background or the state of our nation
But really those didn’t satisfy the crave in my world

Yes I want to be great and live large-to touch more lives
Have all the money in the world or command them all
But they seem too small compared to my earthly dream

If you see mama please tell her my dream
I want to record something in the sand of time
Creating a record that no one has ever done
Even if my record was eventually beaten
Either by some nobles or some highly blessed
Maybe their work may not even be as good as mine
But at least I created the record first
They all followed in my tracks
Who could defend it? They all became my clone!

by The Enigmatic: Olumide Bisiriyu
14.06.12. 1:20:1:30Pm
A special dedication to everyone whose heart desire is to be the best in their creative field

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