Wednesday, July 3, 2013

To win, all she did was show up!!!

She is 15 years old, and in order to win her first ever Slam Poetry Competition, all she did was show up. 

Titilayo Mabogunje came with guns blazing on Sunday June 30th 2013 at War Of Words Slam Poetry, "she no even look Uche face" and took no prisoners. From the 1st round to the 3rd and last round, she had the highest score. She practically had the judges eating from her palms.  

Personally, I am not too shocked she won. Ok, a little shocked, but not too much. You know why? Well, she is Atilola Moronfolu's protege.

If you know Atilola, then you will know Titi had no choice but to win, and win she did.

Just in case you are wondering what Titi said, did, performed or maybe did not say, that made her win. Well, check out the video below and get wowed!!!

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