Monday, July 29, 2013


Abandoned by my mother,
Rejected by my father,
Despised like and Osu,
All for an offence I have no clue
All for a crime I did not do.

Plucked-off the economic tree
Before the ripe time,
They won’t let me be,
They wont let me reach my prime,
They swear I wont another market day see;
So they sold me to the beggar that lingers by street corners and make chime.

My make of silver
They claim is my crime,
They’ll rather have paper
At least to give them ample looting time.

10 naira for mere pure water
Is now five naira,
Used to be
Some tafawa balewa,
Mehn! I miss those days of 50k  peppery  tanfinri;
O! Life is not always grape, sometimes its lemon, other times its lime.

So I remain grounded
Like Nigerian Air,
But Dana’s ban has been lifted;
They can go on crashing dreams here and there
Eh! who said life was fair?
Now #5000 notes will soon be minted
I hope ‘Muri’, ‘Shandy ‘, and Awo’ can see the writing clear.

by Soonest I Nathaniel

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