Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Joke on us...............!!!!!

The first time I saw and heard Obii perform on stage, I was wowed.
Funny thing, that was her first on stage 
and she blew everyone away.
She won the Naija Poetry Slam that night in August 2012, 
and ever since then,
She has become a constant performer at WORD UP events.
The video below was one of the poems 
she did at WORD UP Volume 3.
It was one of my favourite poem at the event.
You need to watch the video and listen to the words, 
especially the last line, 
to realize, 
the joke is on us...!!!!

Spoken Word Poetry by Obii at Word Up Volume 3, Lagos, Nigeria. 
Word Up is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria.
 It features the best of the poets across the globe all on one stage.

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