Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Entry for #WarOfWords (Slam Poetry Competition) by St. Rhymes

This is the entry for War Of Words (Slam Poetry Competition) by St. Rhymes. 

#WarOfWords - War of Words by ST. RHYMES

If life is a War of Words
Then I am in it to Win
Cos' I am Wired to Win.
I Win not because of what I perform
But because of who I am.
I am the Poetic Preacher
Reaching out to the depth of your soul
Dishing out, dishing out wisdom to your soul.
Who am i?
I am the Blood washed Saint
And with words I Paint the Picture of the Future,
Giving hope to the hopeless
And life to the lifeless
If life was a War of Words
Then am in it to Win
Cos' I am wired to Win
I win because of who I Rep,
I rep the spoken word, outspoken from the mouth of the Lord of Lords
I Rep Christ and that's why I Win
If life was a War of Words
Then am in it to Win
because I am wired to Win...

Watch the video via this link


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  2. In it to win - how do a I become a part of this? Though, I am not a spoken word guru or wannabe, but I want in because I am in it to win8


    1. To enter for the competition go to this link and follow the instructions there.