Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Those that dazzled us at WORD UP (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event) August 2012

Bob Ekat doing what he knows how to do best, POETRY!!!!

D TONE serenading us with his sonorous voice!!!!!

Don Fabrino, da don nigga himself.

Donna K "snipped" us with poetic delight

DUVY.......we love you

Enigmatic Olumide aka Edimulo at his poetic best

Ivori making our mind go "LOCO"

Ndukwe Onuoh making us go BOOM!!!!

Olulu, the King not from Zulu

Plumbline and Donna K enjoying the "Poetic Dish" they were served.

Plumbline dazzling us with his classic, "E ba mi ki won."

Torpedo Mascaw asking us, why don't you love me?
Well, we do, poetically, that is.

Uche Nwadinachi showing his poetic creativity

Yeancah of SOUNDCITY showing her poetic prowess 

Mc Atte on the Red Carpet, he dazzled with his camera flashes
and all these pixs are courtesy of him :) 

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