Wednesday, August 22, 2012

People on the Red Carpet at WORD UP (Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music Event) on August 18, 2012, at UNILAG Lagos.

Quazzem, Duvy and a friend
Alpheas Shindi (from Namibia) and Olulu 
Ndukwe Onuoha and Olulu 

Atilola and Ayo

D Tone and Olulu

People at the event

Nini Efem and Olulu

Daniel Ikekhuah and Don Fabrino

Ajibola and Lumynous

Matthew Adedoyin, Enigmatic Olumide and female friends

Enigmatic Olumide

Lilian Duru and Angelo

Donna K and Torpedo Mascaw

Chris Eleri and his family

The AM News Crew


Steady, Olulu, Plumbline and Daniel

Nduke Onuoha, Plumbline, Olulu and Lahde

Plumbline and Wifey

Tomi, Olulu and a friend

Loti, wifey and Olulu

Spoken Word Poetry lovers at the event

Spoken Word Poetry lovers at the event

Hot Chicks: Erowo, Joy and Chinwe

Yeancah of SOUNDCITY

Yeancah of SOUNDCITY and Olulu

Olulu and Mr and Mrs Segun Sodade

Sage (Naija's pioneer poet), Olulu and M Smooth

Kiss Mix in the House

Mr and Mrs Kuponiyi

Duvy, Olulu and Yeancah

Duvy, Olulu and Yeancah

Quazzem, Yeancah and Dimeji

Quazzem, Yeancah and a fan

Mc Sosoliso, Yeancah and a fan

Yeancah and Dimeji

Don Fabrino, Daniel, Dupe, Olulu, Helen Paul, Duvy and Yeancah

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  1. waz @ dis show ...crazy!!!! am an aspiring rapper nd d poets i saw shows hw raps waz nd suppose to be ..... lotanna's cuz