Monday, August 26, 2013

The speech by Olulu at Word Up Anniversary edition.

A dream is not what you see in your sleep,
a dream is what makes you not to sleep
I dreamt with my eyes wide open and ever since then,
I have not slept.
You see,
our dream is to create a Spoken Word Poetry Industry ,
where poets will earn a decent living from their performances.
Because poetry is not what we do, 
poetry is who we are.

For we eat poetry
drink poetry
kiss poetry
make love to poetry
think poetry
do poetry
and become poetry.

Creating an industry for Spoken Word Poetry is not a day's job,
neither is it a one man's job.
For a tree no matter how big and great can not make a forest,
so also a poet no matter how good and popular cannot be an industry.
An industry is when 50 and above poets earn a living from their performances.

We bless God who gives us grace for each day,
and we thank God who makes us prosper in every way.
Word Up is a year old today because of you and me,
for it takes two to make it work,
and we can't 
if you won't,

So we say a big thank you for your love 
and support this past one year.
But the journey has not ended,
we are just getting started.
So join us on this quest,
let us together become a thick poetic forest.
For creating an industry is the burden we bear,
but poetry is the joy we share.
And the sky is not the limit,
the sky is our launching pad.

Watch the video here