Friday, February 1, 2013


Uninvited, he crept to my bed
i heard him whisper above me, 
he sounded so brave.
We were so close like butter on bread
but i couldn't respond, 
sleep got me in her cave

Hungrily, he broke my chrysalis from her cocoon
and then i felt the rough penetration.
Painful gasps escaped my throat,
in a broken tune
It was an itchy sweet sensation

He pushed harder and extracted
and then I felt it, I was loosing blood.
I slapped the sore spot, highly irritated
and then his kinsmen came in like a flood.

They buzzed around me accusing me of murder.
The evidence, the dried blood stains on my palm.
It had been a skin to skin act on me and no other.
I jolted out of sleep,
i had been infected.

I wish i had taken protection.
I rushed for my pills around my area.
I knew i had the infection because,
he had done it skin to skin,

now i think i have Malaria


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  1. Mammal aria is transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito.